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The American Guild of Appraisers is a national organization comprised of Professional Real Estate Appraisers. We are affiliated with the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU - a white collar union of professionals) and the AFL-CIO. This association gives us the strength to attack the major issues facing the Real Estate Appraiser today and can provide great benefits to our members.
Please take a look at the articles, information and links that will provide you with the best, most current data from our changing marketplace. As our motto indicates, not only do we value our members but, "We Value America’s Future."
The American Guild of Appraisers is Guild number 44 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union, one of the 56 unions of AFL-CIO.
Local expertise, local issues, local action. AGA activities and memberships are organized regionally. Connect with a chapter or concern near you.
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Local chapter activities, up-coming meetings and events of interest.
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AGA membership is available to licensed and certified appraisers. Many state coalitions are choosing to affiliate with the AGA to increase their lobbying power and to bring additional benefits to their members.

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Testimonials and Appraiser Information

Fraudulent Email Being Sent to Appraisers - Notice from our members at VACAP
Posted February 02, 2017

It is has come to our attention there is a fraudulent email being sent to appraisers. The email appears to be coming from the Department of Consumers Affairs and states a complaint has been filed against you. The email address is an email address and not a legitimate .gov email address. If you open this email DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL!To see email ===>


Posted October 14, 2015

An opportunity to correct inequities arising from less than reasonable appraisal feesnationally.


This is a long overdue update of events to date in California.
Posted September 11, 2015

Update from AGA Member Mike FordDear AGA Members (& those on the fence that for whatever reason I have email addresses for),This is a long overdue update of events to date in California.

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